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Cookies are small files containing tiny bits of data sent to your browser and stored on your device during your initial connection to Your browser sends these data back with each succeeding connection to This exchange allows us to respond to you as an individual.

Sessions use cookies that contain unique identifiers—random sequences of letters and numbers that point to data stored on Your browser sends these identifiers with every connection to We use the data referenced by each identifier to respond to you as an individual.

Cookies and sessions do not give us access to your device or any personal information therein.

We use sessions to provide separate content for guests and registered users of


This strictly necessary cookie is native to PHP web applications. It contains a unique session ID to tell if a user has or has not yet logged in to It expires when the user logs off or when the browsing session ends.

You can set your browser to decline cookies and sessions from if you do not need access to exclusive content for registered users.

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